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An exceptional service you’ll remember forever

Our client service is something that differentiates us from the rest. Don’t just take our word for it, however – take a look at our collection of testimonials, which have been provided by a selection of clients we work with.

Ms. P. H. – Cheshire

CWM keep their finger on the pulse when it comes to wealth management services

I am a good judge of character, therefore, can spot a ‘good egg’ from a mile off. When I met a member of Chartered Wealth Management eight years ago, it was a twist of fate that has proven to be enormously important in both my financial and personal life. Although hardly wealthy, I have always been a rigid saver all my life in order to make my retirement as comfortable and stress-free as possible. CWM have always striven towards this from the moment they took over the running of my finances and, in spite of a dire economic climate, they never fail to keep their finger on the pulse. Their knowledge of the business is mindblowing and their patience is sublime. I feel privileged to be a client of CWM, since I am only ‘Ms Average’. This organisation, although incredibly savvy over how the super-rich can plant their money trees to encourage growth, remains loyal to their more lowly clients.

Mr. S. E. – York

After selling my business, I appointed CWM and immediately felt impressed

I sold my business in 2010 for what I considered to be a life-changing sum of money. I didn’t wish to live a lavish lifestyle; I decided to sell my business to achieve freedom, maintain a good but not extravagant lifestyle and allow our children to have a good start to their adult lives. We were introduced to Chartered Wealth Management in 2011 and immediately, we knew that it was going to be the firm who could help us realise our expectations.


We built up a great rapport with the CWM team, mainly because they listened carefully to the story of our lives and understood what we wanted to achieve. We trusted them entirely. CWM examined every aspect of our assets in great detail and was happy to spend as much time as it took.


Together, we didn’t rush to allocate all fund immediately; instead, we met regularly until we were perfectly satisfied with the brief we were giving to Chartered Wealth Management. Now, we meet a minimum of four scheduled times per year. They will call me as and when there are any significant stock market variances, which might provide opportunities for our investments and Helen, who is the hub of the office, will move any money quickly between our accounts with just one quick phone call.


CWM employees are all superb and always seem to have so much time to listen to me. In fact, I think the highest compliment I can pay CWM is that we feel like we are their only client. We would recommend them to anyone, particularly those who, for whatever reason, find themselves sitting on a new level of wealth.

Mr and Mrs D. R. – Chorley

Simple, well-researched, straightforward advice for our portfolio

Meeting Chartered Wealth Management was like a breath of fresh air. It was immediately apparent that the level of advice and confidence in the people looking after our investments was something we hadn’t experienced before. We immediately signed up. Every quarter, we meet with CWM to talk through our investments and receive well-researched, simple and straightforward advice. Since investing in CWM, our portfolio has grown exceedingly well and we are extremely happy. I have referred CWM to my colleagues and will continue to do so in the future. We both feel part of the CWM family and cannot recommend their service highly enough in these few short words. Whoever invests with CWM will be extremely happy with the whole experience. Thanks for all your help, support and friendship we have received since our relationship began.

Mr. J. J. FCCA (Retired) – Liverpool


Having worked as an accountant and finance director, I had developed a somewhat jaundiced view of the financial advisers I had met over the years and decided I was more capable of looking after my own financial affairs. I was introduced to Chartered Wealth Management and was immediately impressed by their personable nature, enthusiasm and professional approach; they were refreshingly different to what I had experienced in the past. They valued me as a client and genuinely wanted to exceed my expectations. They invested considerable time to develop a clear understanding of my financial needs and goals. CWM quickly produced a robust assessment of my financial position and a well-devised investment strategy that was bespoke to my situation. Over the past four years, I have benefitted from financial returns in line with my requirements and remain to be impressed by the high level of customer service and commitment that Chartered Wealth Management delivers.

Managing Partner, Davis Blank Furniss Solicitors


We would have no hesitation in recommending Chartered Wealth Management to any client. They are enthusiastic, knowledgeable and very approachable. Chartered Wealth Management are capable of putting any potential investor, from the young and anxious, to the older and more experienced at ease. They offer an all round service and really do go that extra mile for their clients. Their fees are also straight forward and transparent. Our clients/administrators speak very highly of them.