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ESG Policy

1 Environmental, Social & Governance Policy Statement

At Chartered Wealth Management, we believe the inclusion of factors related to sustainable and responsible investing are necessary for a complete understanding of both risk and opportunity.


Unsustainable or controversial environmental policies may lead to financial penalties, compromised reputation, competitive disadvantage and negative implications for growth.
To reduce business travel, where possible we conduct virtual meetings both internally and externally. We promote working from home for the majority of the team, which saves journey time and importantly reduces the company’s carbon footprint. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint, so for times when travel is necessary, we have an electric vehicle scheme for all members of Chartered Wealth Management and public transport is used, where possible, when travelling to the offices in Manchester and London.


Poor labour practices or human rights violations may put companies or countries at risk of unrest or upheaval, impairing economic progress.
Chartered Wealth Management’s employment practices are inclusive and diversified. We have no bias to whom we employ – our view is that if you are capable enough, you’re welcome to join the CWM family.
All members of the CWM family are fully employed, with death in service and pension benefits. We operate flexible working hours and believe that work should be enjoyable.
The remuneration strategy is market leading with emphasis on putting our clients at the heart of everything we do. No financial targets are given to the team, pay is reviewed annually and increased when necessary. We provide a non-contributory company pension scheme and an annual trip away for all the team to promote well-being, team spirit and memories for life.
During COVID, all team members were fully remunerated to 100% of their salary throughout. The only pay cuts taken were by the directors of the business. As leaders this was the correct approach to take and lasted until we felt it prudent to return to normal.
As a business, we work closely with a chosen charity each year. We are presently Patrons of Variety, the Children’s Charity. The highlight of our support to date has been that in 2018
we were able to successfully purchase a Sunshine Coach for Rosebank School in Northwich. We are also well on the way to securing a second Sunshine Coach for another school.


Insufficient governance may promote an environment that ignores investor rights and interests while enabling fraud or corruption, limiting investment returns and exacerbating risks.
Chartered Wealth Management are an independent financial advice company which has access to the whole of the market. The are no initial or exit fees levied, meaning we are free from influence when making recommendations and can change providers easily should their proposition or business model change.
We are directly regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and we actively engage with ThreeSixty Services LLP as a third line of defence, external support and guidance resource for compliance and risk matters.
All the Financial Advisors at Chartered Wealth Management are either Chartered Financial Planners or Chartered Wealth Managers. Combined with FCA regulation and Threesixty oversight, we believe this ensures the highest standards and best outcomes for our clients.
Chartered Wealth Management’s Accountants are Saffrey Champness and our bookkeepers are Pennine Accounting. We actively engage to ensure we compile all accounts accurately and pay all taxes (employer and employee national insurance and corporation tax) accurately and in a timely manner.