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Financial advice for selling a business

We have vast experience in providing invaluable advice to a variety of individuals who have successfully sold their businesses.

Our team is fully equipped with the skills to help you move on to the next big challenge in your life. We take the time to understand you and your reasons for moving on, so that we can work alongside you to help you achieve your business exit goals.

Once you exit the business, we will then take the time required to position your affairs in order to efficiently make the most of the injection of capital. While you make it through the earn-out period, we’ll be on hand to provide sound, ongoing advice; selling a business is life-changing, therefore, having access to experienced, professional advice is vital.

After selling a business, the problem of where to hold the sale proceeds often arises. The Financial Services Compensation Scheme often doesn’t cover the amount of capital you now hold. Due to our knowledge and experience of advising clients who are either in the process of selling or have already sold their business, we can assist in the arrangement of suitable deposit accounts that offer significantly higher capital protection amounts to avoid unnecessary risk and provide additional peace of mind.

Key Facts

  • By choosing Chartered Wealth Management, we can help to arrange a deposit account that can offer higher levels of deposit protection
  • We will be with you through every step of the process, providing sound advice in every instance
  • Once you have exited a business, we’ll continue to work closely with you, so you can achieve your desired objectives


Since investing in CWM, our portfolio has grown exceedingly well and we are extremely happy. I have referred CWM to my colleagues and will continue to do so in the future. We both feel part of the CWM family and cannot recommend their service highly enough in these few short words.

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