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Financial planning for divorcees

We understand that going through divorce or separation is extremely difficult, which is why we have a team of empathetic professionals to make you feel comfortable and at ease from day one.

Divorce has the power to change much more than just your personal life. It’s important to understand how your separation will affect you financially, so that you can prepare accordingly. A divorce will likely involve a complete review of your finances, as well as your spouse’s. Afterwards, financial aspects will need to be co-ordinated and jointly-owned assets, such as properties and life policies, may need to be sold or transferred.

Having a wealth management firm that can educate you on the complexities associated with divorce is highly important. It may be the first time you’ve ever needed to consider financial planning or the splitting of your assets, which is why you’ll need to feel sure that you’re receiving advice you can trust, so that you can make informed choices as a result.

We will work closely with you and your professional advisors for the best outcome possible. Once your divorce is complete, you can begin your new life. With this comes untold possibilities, which make it more important than ever to have regular review meetings with us to keep your financial planning aligned with your circumstances.

Key Facts

  • Our team will be there to support and assist you every step of the way throughout your divorce
  • We consider your income requirements and position your assets with the aim of helping you to achieve your desired standard of living
  • We share our knowledge and expertise with you to allow you to make informed decisions that are right for you

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CWM have always provided sound advice from the moment they took over the running of my finances and, in spite of a dire economic climate, they never fail to keep their finger on the pulse.

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