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We provide independent wealth management advice for private clients that span high net worth individuals, directors of businesses through to corporate clients and lottery winners. Using our expansive knowledge and experience, we are able to provide a tailored approach in tune with an individual’s financial needs and circumstances. We work with you to assess your current financial situation and how we can provide a tailored approach to assisting you in achieving your life goals, acknowledging that every client’s needs are individual.


“Chartered Wealth Management have been providing me with advice re my pensions, savings, investments and tax planning for 2+ years and they have been extremely transparent in their advice, provided me with considered options and worked diligently with me to focus on a balanced approach to my investment and retirement plans. Specifically they have advised me across a number of areas, use of tax free savings i.e ISAs, tax planning vehicles such as Enterprise Schemes, inheritance tax management for my children, pension planning in terms of ideal pension revenue and the current government limits to pension funds….click here to read more.




“Prior to winning the lottery Christine and I were engaged and had been living together for about a year. I worked as a co-ordinator and Christine was a practice nurse. I contacted Chartered Wealth to arrange a meeting to sort out our finances, and it was the best move we have made. Their service is second to none and since winning the money we feel secure in the fact that we are being well looked after….click here to read more.




“One quality my professional taught me is to be a good judge of character and very quickly differentiate between genuine and insincere; a skill which has proved to be invaluable throughout my life in making, mostly, the right decisions. In a nutshell I can spot a “good egg” a mile off. It was purely by chance that I met David Spencer about eight years ago and for me it was a twist of fate that has proved to be enormously important in my financial – and personal – life….click here to read more.




“I felt I needed an organisation that understood my requirements from a personal wealth perspective. David handled the transfer of my investments and also helped to appraise and then reorganise my savings and pension arrangements. Since joining as a client of Chartered Wealth Management, I have seen a clear turnaround from my previous advisors….click here to read more.