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Charities play a vital role within British society but they are facing difficult times. Donations and legacies are under pressure, and government funding continues to be cut. At the same time interest rates are low, inflation is eroding the real value of capital held on deposit. As a result, many charities are relying on their investments to assist in funding their activities meaning that the management of these assets has never been more important. Our goal is to help charities meet their goals and objectives. The foundation for our advice will be contained in an investment policy statement, this provides the trustees with a framework for setting objectives and making investment decisions. In England under the Trustee Act 2000, if trustees are delegating their investment functions they must have an investment policy statement. This requirement does not apply to all charities but it is best practice for all UK charities with investments, regardless of size and value, to have a written policy that records what the charity is aiming to achieve through its investments. Importantly, it helps trustees to manage their resources effectively whilst demonstrating good governance and robust decision making. At Chartered Wealth Management we can help. Our role is to manage the organisations investments so you can continue to carry out your charitable activities and plan for the future with confidence.