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The benefits of investing

You work hard to earn your money so, it makes sense that your money should work hard for you.

You may have a large lump sum that is currently sitting in your bank account or, perhaps you have regular amounts of money that you would like to use to build up capital for the future. Either way, well-managed investment plans are a prudent means to grow your wealth.


In this blog, we consider the advantages of investing, irrespective of what stage in life you may be at, as well as the importance of strategies tailored for your personal needs and circumstances. Read on to find out more.


With inflation currently at outpacing most savings accounts, leaving your money in the bank can be mistake as its value is likely to deteriorate. Investing will give you a better chance of matching, or defeating, inflation if the decisions you make are well-informed.


At Chartered Wealth Management, we understand that our clients are individual and at different stages in life.


You may have come into a large amount of money of £500,000 or more that you are looking to invest. Research shows that you are generally better off investing this all at once and as soon as possible. Larger sums tend to generate a better return long-term in comparison to investing much smaller amounts regularly, as your money has more time to work.


Investing is not only for those who have obtained a one-off, large lump sum; making regular payments into an investment account when it most suits you is highly recommended, building wealth at the same time as gaining exposure to investment returns. You can use regular investing to help ensure you take full advantage of Individual Savings Account (ISA) entitlements. The ISA allowance for 2019/20 is £20,000. Setting up regular payments into a stocks and shares ISA will mean you are less likely to forget to use your allowance.


Whatever your personal circumstances, at Chartered Wealth Management our highly trained and experienced team of financial specialists will work with you to carefully assess your personal goals and tailor your portfolio accordingly.


By assessing your objectives, along with your investment experience and appetite for risk, we can carefully consider which strategy is best for you.


We make sure that the services we provide meet the highest standards by working with independent asset allocators and fund selectors. Asset allocators provide invaluable advice on which areas to proportion capital to.


After diligent research, fund selectors provide advice on how to complement that asset collection. The combination of the two can help to achieve highly efficient risk-adjusted returns for you.


Circumstances in life can change. That is why we will meet with you regularly to continually position your investments as effectively as possible.


Whatever your reasons for wanting to start building capital, whether it’s for you or to take care of children or grandchildren, contact Chartered Wealth Management and invest in your future today.

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