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Portfolio management vs wealth management

There are many complex choices and challenges in planning for a secure financial future. Irrespective of what stage in life you have reached, you need to know your personal wealth is preserved, protected and growing.

If you want to achieve a financial objective or investment goal, it makes perfect sense to seek sound, professional advice from highly trained and experienced specialists. In this blog, we look at wealth management and portfolio management and discuss how they can support in helping you realise your life’s vision. Read on to find out more.


Wealth management offers a comprehensive suite of services to support high-net-worth individuals develop goal-based financial strategies and an action plan in order to achieve them.


On the other hand, portfolio management is the act of creating, managing and maintaining an investment account.

At Chartered Wealth Management, we have a skilful, knowledgeable team of experienced financial advisors that can help, whatever your requirements.


Chartered Wealth Management is a forward-thinking firm with a passion for providing a personal service. We help each of our clients by providing tailored solutions for individual circumstances. Wherever you are in life, Chartered Wealth Management is the perfect partner to join you on the journey.


Unforeseen events and circumstances have the potential to impact your finances. Perhaps you are facing a divorce or considering selling a business. You may be planning for retirement or in need of some strategic tax planning, including how to safeguard your wealth for future generations. We have a qualified team of professionals who are committed to supporting with unparalleled financial and planning advice.


As part of our investment services, we work with you to carefully assess your objectives and customise and manage your portfolio accordingly.


You may have specific goals that reflect your risk tolerance, timeline and asset or fund preferences. Your primary investment objective may be to preserve your wealth, derive a regular income or achieve strong, inflation-beating growth. At Chartered Wealth Management we take the time to understand your vision and values.


To make sure our services meet the highest standards, we work with independent asset allocators and fund selectors. Asset allocators provide invaluable advice on which areas to proportion capital to, while fund selectors, after rigorous research, provide advice on which funds can be used to complement the asset collection. The combination of the two can help to achieve highly efficient risk-adjusted returns.


We understand that circumstances change, which is why we hold regular meetings with you to continually position your investments as effectively as possible.


Our core values are based not just on financial returns, but the value of a life lived and loved to the full. Contact Chartered Wealth Management today and let’s start the conversation about creating wealth and a legacy for your future.

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