Selling a business

As a company that has advised numerous individuals and families who have successfully sold their businesses, our team has the experience and expertise needed to support you to achieve your business exit goals and move onto the next challenge. We understand the emotions and time you have invested in your business and how important the right exit strategy is to you. We also appreciate the importance of you taking the necessary time to consider your change in circumstances and your future before making any long-term decisions. We have found through experience that engaging with a chartered financial planner is invaluable at this time.

We can add further value as a company because we are in a position to bring entrepreneurs together. Above all, we understand the importance of helping you to develop your own network of professional contacts. We have seen the value created by bringing together like-minded people sharing business experience and to hear from speakers via a series of themed events, discussions and dinners.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate advice tax advice.

Please see Testimonial below on selling a business.

“I sold my business in December 2010 for, what I considered, to be a ‘life altering’ sum of money.Everybody has their own views on what changes their lives from a financial point of view and, in the case of myself and my wife, it was not about buying foreign properties and driving Ferraris and the like………….it was all about achieving the freedom to not be reliant on working in to the future, maintaining a very good but not extravagant lifestyle and the ability to help our children get a good start in their adult lives.One can imagine that suddenly finding ourselves in this position made us extremely wary of receiving bad professional advice and jeopardising our new found wealth.Through a trusted adviser who we had used previously, we were introduced to David Spencer from CWM in early 2011 and we knew immediately that CWM were going to be the firm who could help us realise our expectations. Of course, you don’t really know the whole company from the outset but we built up a great rapport with David mainly because he listened really carefully to where we had come from in our lives and what we actually wanted to achieve over the remainder of our lives. This was so important because we ‘trusted’ him and, thereby, Chartered Wealth Management as a whole. David examined in great detail every aspect of our assets and then came back to us to discuss his recommendations…………..the discussion was vital to us because we actually changed our minds on a couple of things that we had previously told him but he took all of this on board and was happy to spend as much time as it took.

Between us and CWM, we didn’t rush to ‘allocate’ all funds immediately – instead we met regularly whilst my partner and I were going through our ‘adjustment’ process until we were perfectly satisfied with the brief we were giving to CWM.

Since those early days, we now meet a minimum of 4 scheduled times a year but, invariably, this can be more as required. Indeed, David will call me as and when there are any significant stock market variances which might provide opportunities for our investments. Also, Helen and her colleagues who are the hub of the office, will move any money quickly between our accounts from just one quick phone call.

Since we appointed CWM, we have now met many of David’s other key colleagues including his business partners and their staff…………without exception they are all superb and always seem to have so much time just to listen to me…………in fact, I think the highest compliment I can pay CWM is that we feel like we are their only client !

Having said all of this, none of these plaudits would count for anything if our investments weren’t working out as well and I have to say that we are absolutely delighted with the great returns we have seen so far.

We would have no hesitation in recommending CWM in general but, in particular, to people who for whatever reason find themselves sitting on a new level of wealth – more than anybody, they need that instant financial ‘comfort blanket’ and, in our opinion, CWM are the company to do just that.”

Mr. S. E., York