Solicitors need to provide access to financial advice if they are to offer a comprehensive client service and thereby secure their role as coordinators of clients’ affairs. This means working with Chartered Financial Planners who are highly qualified and independent of product providers.

Solicitors who are approached by financial advisers should therefore ask “Are you or the company you represent contracted and restricted to sell the products of one or more product providers?”

On request we can provide a due diligence document that explains more about Chartered Wealth Management.

What better way of proving due diligence than selecting an independent Chartered Financial Planner from the Law Society endorsed SIFA directory via See below an endorsement from David Seager, SIFA.

“We would have no hesitation in recommending Chartered Wealth Management to any client.  They are enthusiastic, knowledgeable and very approachable.  Chartered Wealth Management are capable of putting any potential investor, from the young and anxious, to the older and more experienced at their ease.  They offer an all round service and really do go that extra mile for their clients.  Their fees are also straightforward and transparent. Our clients/Administrators speak very highly of them.” Click here to read more.



“Chartered Wealth Management became SIFA Professional members in the spring of 2013. SIFA Professional firms are listed on the SIFA Directory of Professional Financial Advisors. This is endorsed by Law Society of England & Wales and all firms featured are considered suitable for third party referral. The firms which are listed in the SIFA Directory are free from the influence of third parties and specialise in professional connections. As such SIFA only accept firms who are genuinely fee based and have advisers highly qualified in the areas of financial planning relevant to working with solicitors.

When I met with the Directors of Chartered Wealth, I was struck by their professionalism and their ambition to be the absolute best that they could be in the eyes of their clients and their professional introducers.” Click here to read more.

David Seager, SIFA Limited