We welcome opportunities to work with like-minded firms that place their clients first and are similar in offering exceptional service.

We work with other highly qualified professionals, to ensure that not only do we ensure our advice is ‘joined up’ but we give our clients access to specialised, integrated advice on legal issues, trusts/estates, and personal tax planning.

We therefore see an opportunity as the professional landscape evolves of an emerging market recognising the synergy between accountancy and financial planning.

Please contact us if you wish to work alongside a firm that can enhance your reputation and retain your existing clients or if you wish to see our due diligence document, which is available on request.

“Steven and his fellow Directors at Chartered Wealth Management have achieved a tremendous amount since setting up their business. I have no doubt that their business will flourish as a result of the fact that they are extremely knowledgeable individuals with very high standards, providing a very personalised service to their clients. I would not hesitate to recommend them to my clients and contacts”. Click here to read more.

Partner, Saffery Champness Chartered Accountants


“Having worked as an accountant in the private sector for over 30 years and latterly as finance director of a large retail business, I had developed a somewhat jaundiced view of the financial advisers I had met over the years. Often tied to specific banks and institutions and guilty of a one size fits all approach, I had largely tarred all financial advisers with the same brush and decided that I was more than capable of looking after my own financial affairs….click here to read more.